About Lit Moon Theatre Company

Santa Barbara Live theater made locally, with an international reach.
The Cherry Orchard

Lit Moon’s artistic work cultivates dramaturgical and visual experiments with classic texts, and an image-based performance style.  Lit Moon has created over 40 new theatrical projects, produced thirteen international theater festivals, received dozens of awards for its artists, developed numerous residencies with artists from nine different countries, and toured extensively to festivals and residencies in Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Scotland, Canada, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, and China.  In November, Lit Moon plays its recent production of Uncle Vanya at the Yerevan International Theatre Festival. 

During the Covid Lockdown, Lit Moon created Lit Moon World to create live, international theatre on the Network and in real-time and space.  Since 2020, Lit Moon World created two online Chekhov performances of Uncle Vanya and The Three Sisters; so now I have confessed, based on Shakespeare’s Sonnets, for the inaugural season of the Verona Shakespeare Fringe Festival; Pirey, by Petre M Andreevski in Belce, North Macedonia; and Uncle Vanya in Santa Barbara. 

Upcoming projects include residencies and performances in Santa Barbara and near Bitola, North Macedonia, and a Balkans Tour, scheduled for Summer 2024.

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