Anton Chekhov's

Uncle Vanya

Director: John Blondell

Presenting . . . Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya

Performance Dates: May 12, 2023 to  May 14, 2023

A Lit Moon World Show

In Chekhov, the heartaches, the dreams fade, but there’s vodka.

Exhibition: The Theatre Art of Yulya Dukhovny

During the Lockdown, Yulya Dukhovny’s Theatre Art pieces created the visual expression of our online Chekhov Worlds.

Her backgrounds, collages, miniatures, objects, and videos bathed our work in atmosphere and image.

They were necessary to what we did.

Now you can see them.

“Dukhovny’s… composition is so very essential – almost brushing minimalism, and yet absolutely exquisite. She is a master of the negative space, within which the few elements she sagaciously stages burst with meaning and expressiveness. Absence and erasure say as much as presence does.” -Toti O’Brien, Colorado

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Westmont College
Santa Barbara, California, USA

John Blondell, Artistic Director


John Blondell

The Performance Gallery